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Project Description
The AccessKeyHighlighter is a control for the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework that provides various options for highlighting access keys on web forms when the user presses their browser's access key shortcut key, e.g. Alt in Internet Explorer and Safari, Shift+Alt in Firefox.

sample.jpg sample2.jpg

The control supports the following features:
  • Two highlight modes: ToggleLabelClass and DisplayPopup
  • Automatically adds mark-up around access keys in your form to allow static styling via CSS
  • Configurable CSS class names allowing for full customization of highlighted access keys and popups
  • Shows access key popups on field labels if associated otherwise on the field itself
  • Shows access key popups on hyperlinks
  • Works in IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3 and Sa3.1 (disabled in Opera due to dedicated access key mode being available via Shift+Esc)

You can view a live sample of the current release at

If you find this control useful, please vote for it to be included in the AJAX Control Toolkit.

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